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Quick and Easy Junket Cheese Curds (Read 230 times)
Aug 1st, 2016 at 9:39pm

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You will need:
64 Fl Oz. Fresh milk. (NOT Ultra Pasteurized or UHT)
1 teaspoon citric acid, mixed with 1/3 cup water. (Citric acid is cheap and easy to find in the spice isle. You can replace it with crushed Vitamin C tablets. Lime juice can work too but it is fairly unpredictable)
1/4 tablet of rennet or 1/4 teaspoon liquid rennet, or 1/2 teaspoon of Junket rennet (easier to find in good supermarkets), mixed with 1/3 cup of water
OPTIONAL - if you have access to Calcium Chloride (very inexpensive), add 1/4 tsp to the rennet-water mix. This will give you much firmer curd and about 20% more curd. This is a natural mineral that is lost in the milk during the pasteurization process; you are basically putting it back in it.
Slotted spoon
Long-bladed knife
Cheesecloth and colander, or just a strainer

Pour milk into a pot, while stirring the milk, mix in the citric acid water mix. make sure it is mixed thoroughly.
Heat up the milk on a SMALL FLAME (gently!), stirring occasionally to prevent scalding. Use a thermometer; at 90F turn off the flame
Bring the milk into a stirring motion again and combine the rennet-water mix. Use gentle but up/and down motions to combine thoroughly and rapidly within 30 seconds. Take out any mixing spoon or thermometer and do not disturb the milk or pot for 10 minutes.
Milk should have turned into gel! Take a long bladed knife and cut it in criss-cross motions and layers to make 3/4" cubes (approx).
Wait 5 minutes and the cubes of curd should sink to the bottom and be covered with whey. (The cutting helps them release the whey. Optional - if you are a patient person and want a better curd, you can put the pot back on small flame and raise the temperature gently to 100F (no more!) take your time (20-30min), stir gently occasionally. This will cause the curd to shrink and firm up, releasing the whey faster. you can cut the draining time in the next step in half if you do that.

Ladle the curd very gently with a slotted spoon into a cheesecloth-lined colander or into a fine strainer. Be gentle. Drain for an hour. without touching. The curd would have matted to a single lump. unload it into a colander or bowl and break it to individual curd by hand. Refrigerate, consume within 7 days.

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