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Masterbuilt 40 Electric Bluetooth (Read 360 times)
Jul 5th, 2016 at 1:33pm

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While it is not set in stone yet, it looks like my smoking may have to be done with an electric unit when I move back  to the USA in a couple of months.  Most of the apartments have "no charcoal" or "no fire" rules. 

I am looking at the Masterbuilt 40 inch bluetooth electric smoker.  It seems to be a fairly good size as electric smokers go. I am a bit worried about Masterbuilt's spotty reliability and customer service.  But I think a cold smoking attachment (Model 20070112) is available for $59 or so.  The smoking unit (Model 20070215) itself seems to vary in price: BassPro has it at $479 while Sam's Club is $329 for the identical unit.Amazon come in at $419.

Since I primarily want to smoke bacon, much of it cold smoked, the Masterbuilt looks like it fits the bill.  However, it can hot smoke ribs or pork shoulders, which I look forward to as well.  And hopefully keep apartment manager happy and off my back.

I will look at using a AMPS pellet smoker too.  I see some folks using them with other Masterbuilt units.  But the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment looks like it is a no hassle approach to providing fairly long smoke times. 

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Bluetooth smokers what will they think of next? I don't know about that mol but many members have like the Masterbuilt electrics. Rev T has a fix if the thing quits on you.

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Tatoosh, take a look at my mailbox mod in this section. Not counting the AMNPS, it cost me a total of about $15 to build, and works like a charm on my MES30.


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