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My New Toy (Read 365 times)
Feb 24th, 2015 at 10:32pm

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I've had my eye on a stuffer lately, and LEM recently had a sitewide 20% off sale. So I picked up a 5# stuffer, and some accessories. Even found some high temp cheese.
Plan is to make some breakfast sausage first. Then try it out on some snack sticks.

DSCF0586_-_Copy.JPG (192 KB | 38 )
DSCF0590_-_Copy.JPG (177 KB | 36 )
DSCF0588_-_Copy.JPG (178 KB | 35 )

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Nice! I like LEM good people and good products. You'll love having it. I thought the Backwoods product were a bit salty for my taste but most people think they are fine.

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