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colombian bachue supreme (Read 638 times)
Oct 9th, 2012 at 12:33am

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this is the coffee i am currently using i roast it well into second crack which for me with this bean is about 228c .
i have probably gone through 25 or 30 kilo's of it so far and will keep using it for a while , i buy it in 10 or 15 kilo lots .
though i do also have about 6kilo's of ethiopian yirg which i may roast some of and use it in the small grinder just for a change now and then the yirg is quite popular i have done a fair bit of it before and has gone down well.
still have a few other greens under the counter i must drag out and roast up in the next few months too.


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I haven't tried any of the Ethiopians yet but  will have to do so soon! I have heard a few say they make a great coffee bean.

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