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My nick name is Mai, with an accent that is a rising tone. Chiang Mai is the city but the mai there is a flat tone. In Thai language there are 5 tones. So the spelling phonetically in English doesn't allow for the difference in Tones. It is very confusing. Our use of rhymes are different also. City and Pity rhyme in English but they wouldn't really connect in our way of thinking.

In Thailand we don't usually use our full names they are on an average of 5 syllables. Whereas our Nicknames are one syllable sometimes 2. We don't use pronouns like you he she, we. Instead we often talk in the third person.  If I were to say to my wife are you hungry. I actually say "IS GAE(rising tone for her name also not flat) hungry? Husband is hungry. Instead of I am hungry. 

Some common nick names are Kai/egg  Dum/black Tone/tree Fone/rain, Puhn/which is the last sounds of the word apple.(L sound  at the end of a word is an N sound for us. Ball is Bann.  All of our Nick names mean something. My dad's nick name means dedication.

Ok, enough of the Language lesson.

Have a good day, must get ready for my lectures. I have to give a seminar on plagarism and ethical writing for 4th year bachelor students. We have a bad problem at our university for Laziness and the students often cut and paste from the net. Of course my department is shutting down and I will be out of work about 1 week before my baby is born. At least I will have some time to stay at home with my wife and newborn. Fortunately, my wife is also a professor at the University and her job is secure. She just got tenured last year with a lifetime contract. My department was new and because of bad management we are closing only after 4 years. Not much work here in Chiang Mai. Fortunately, we were careful for the last 7 years and saved enough for at least 10 years if it takes that long to find a new job.
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